Kitay Productions produces video content for sports organizations, television networks, corporations, and non-profit clients. We are a fully scalable operation, offering a turnkey production solution from “script to screen,” or we can produce specific elements as needed for your larger show. The services we generally provide are broken down into three categories:

▪ Produce and direct live shows (e.g. stage shows, television broadcasts, and stadium/arena shows)
▪ Provide technical crew for live shows (e.g. producers, directors, technical directors, tape operators,
graphics operators, audio technicians, etc.)
▪ Design and operate video control rooms (e.g. stadium and arena)
▪ Create pre-recorded content for playback within live shows (e.g. sports events, galas, and presentations)

▪ Script writing
▪ Non-linear editing
▪ Motion graphics
▪ 2d and 3d animation
▪ Web encoding and other outputs
▪ DVD mastering and design

▪ Provide video and film camera crews for on-location or studio shooting nationwide
▪ Provide field producers and other talent
▪ Work in conjunction with your staff to achieve best product
▪ As every client project is unique and different, we price each project individually, after a scope of work
has been defined.

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