July 30, 2007

Long-time client USA Football has continued to expand its relationship with Kitay Productions, with four new projects completed during the summer of 2007.


First, Kitay Productions traveled to the training facility of the New York Jets to videotape a series of on-camera presentations by Eric Mangini, the head coach of the Jets and the new spokesperson for USA Football's coaching training initiatives.  Additionally, Kitay Productions recorded similar comments from organization president Scott Hallenbeck.  All of these video clips were shot on green screen,  composited by Kitay Productions in-house, and ultimately encoded into individual Flash video files.  The Flash files were then integrated into on-line training programs for USA Football on their website, usafootball.com.


Next, USA Football dispatched a Kitay Productions-led video crew to San Jose State University, to film interviews and practice highlights with the first-ever Team USA of football.  With this original footage, Kitay Productions wrote, produced, and edited a series of five video features about the members of Team USA, who represented the U.S. for the first time in the world championships of American football in Japan in July.  Team USA won the tournament, and the video features can be viewed by clicking here.  


Following the completion of the Team USA project, Kitay Productions next created a pair of website video promos for usafootball.com.  One of these promos promoted the site itself, and the other encouraged new membership for the website. 


Finally, Kitay Productions sent a video crew to Giants Stadium in late July to film a coach's clinic sponsored by USA Football.  This footage will be used in future promos for USA Football. 

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