March 4, 2007

As part of its role as the in-house video production group for Agganis Arena at Boston University, Kitay Productions completed production for the 2007 America East Men's Basketball Tournament.

For one game on Friday, four games on Saturday, and two games on Sunday, Kitay Productions delivered a three-camera, live video scoreboard show, complete with instant replays, statistics, and other entertainment features.  Kitay Productions also created 3D logo treatments and background to use in the show.  It is believed that this was the first time that America East ever had such a robust video scoreboard show.   

Fans across the country were able to watch the Kitay Productions-produced scoreboard show, as each game broadcast was streamed live over the internet. 

Kitay Prodctions also assisted in the production of live television broadcasts of Sunday's game on the America East syndicated television network.

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