October 23, 2006

When the University of Maryland decided to honor one of the legendary figures in its history by dedicating the Campus Recreation Center in his honor, Kitay Productions provided the complete video production solution for the event. 


From the spring through the fall of 2006, Kitay Productions developed a comprehensive documentary video to honor Geary F. Eppley, who spent the better part of 60 years at the University of Maryland, as a student, athlete, professor, track coach, athletic director, and ultimately, Dean of Men and Director of Student Activities.  Eppley retired in 1964 and passed away in 1978.  He was considered the right-hand-man to University president H.C. "Curley" Byrd, and played a major role in shaping the University of Maryland as it is known today.


To create the 12-minute documentary video, Kitay Productions interviewed a dozen people closely associated with Eppley or the modern University, including members of Eppley's national champion track team, Eppley's three children, former U.S. Olympian Renaldo Nehemiah, and prominent alumnus Jack Heise. 


With no video or film available of Mr. Eppley, Kitay Productions faced the challenge of creating an engaging video that relied heavily on modern interviews and old photographs obtained through research at the campus library.  Heavy use of After Effects in the final video allowed Kitay Productions to bring hundreds of black-and-white images to life. 


At the dedication ceremony held on October 20, 2006, Kitay Productions not only debuted the final video to rousing applause, it also provided the audio and video support equipment required for the event.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Eppley documentary was placed in its permanent home, on a plasma display in the lobby of the Eppley Recreation Center, where it will play in a 24-hour loop and permanently preserve the legacy of Geary F. Eppley. 


The Eppley video project was a joint effort between Kitay Productions, the University of Maryland Alumni Association, and Campus Recreation Services, which approached Kitay Productions after recognizing the work that Kitay Productions does for the Maryland Athletic Department. 

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