February 2, 2006

To enhance the atmosphere and entertainment at the Sprint NFL Ambassadors Town Hall program in Detroit this week, Sprint retained the services of Kitay Productions to create a series of video productions recapping the careers of Barry Sanders, Steve Young, and Emmitt Smith.

During the events, which were free and open to the public in the days leading up to Super Bowl XL, Sanders, Young, and Smith joined sports announcer Mike Tirico of ABC/ESPN in a round table-type discussion about their memories of the ?big game.? 

Working through Octagon, Sprint?s agency, Kitay Productions acquired assorted archived footage of the three players from NFL Films, and edited the clips into a series of high-energy music videos which will be featured at the live event.   With just five business days to put the whole project together, Kitay Productions delivered for Octagon on the world?s biggest sports stage.

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